Please take a moment & complete this survey. Your opinion is very important to us.
1. Choose your preferred size of cottage.
 900sf  1100sf  1300sf  1500+sf
2. Would you prefer a 1 story or 2 story home?
 1 Story  2 Story
3. Number of bedrooms preferred on the main floor.
 1  2  3
4. Number of bedrooms total in the home.
 1  2  3
5. Number of bathrooms.
 1  2  2+
6. What type of garage is preferred?
 Attached Garage  Unattached Garage  Not Necessary
7. How important is it to have a gas fireplace in the living room?
 Very  Somewhat  Not Necessary
8. Do you have pets?
 Yes  No  May in Future
9. Choice of countertops.
 Granite  Laminate  Tile  Other 
10. Choice of flooring.
 Hardwood  Carpet  Tile  Combination 
11. Type of window mechanics preferred.
 Crank Open  Slide Up/Down  Slide Left/Right
12. Type of heating preferred.
 Gas  Electric  Combination 
13. Would you like to be informed when FLOOR PLANS ARE AVAILABLE & PRE-SALES ARE READY?
 Yes  No
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